Face Massage

Full Treatment 30 minutes

Investment £35

Facial massage treats the surface and also deep facial tissues with highly refined, hand and finger manipulation.

These massage techniques can release stresses and traumas locked deeply into the muscles and energy of the face, head and neck.  Our face is often our mask, hiding who we really are, and it takes much energy to maintain this “front”.  Dropping this mask can be the door to profound relaxation and inner ease.


  • Increase blood circulation, enabling capillaries to deliver nutrients more efficiently to the skin’s surface.
  • Stimulate the nervous system.
  • Improve lymphatic flow transporting bacteria and toxins away from skin cells.
  • Strengthen and tone muscles, helping to prevent sagging skin and fine lines.
  • Repair and balance the condition of the skin, minimising the ageing process.
  • Balance the chi, improving the health and appearance of the facial tissue.

Add on LED Therapy for an extra £15