Sound Healing Facials

I am confident in saying that my facials go way beyond your typical facial experience! They are a mix of many different techniques I have learned over the past 10 years. Many people (myself included) have turned to ancient wisdom in a search for that deeper connection and to get a break from our busy lives. Ancient Continue reading »

January Zen!

It’s that time of the year where you feel like you may be in a slump, having indulged at Christmas a little too much, full of new years resolutions but not sure which one to target first? The answer is that you need to go inward: Self-care is key to a balanced mind, body and Continue reading »

Give experiences not things

As we get closer to Christmas, I find myself thinking about these well-intentioned gifts leading to stress, for the giver and the receiver. Don’t get me wrong… I love giving people presents and seeing how happy it makes them but I do feel guilty about all the “stuff” I have. Do we have too much Continue reading »

Winter is coming

The change in seasons is part of nature and we should embrace the process. Although cold weather can wreak havoc on our skin, there are options to reduce the negative effects. A deep cleansing facial treatment is an excellent way to prepare the skin for the change in climate and will keep you looking gorgeous for Christmas. Continue reading »

Natural Beauty Brands

Samhain As the days get shorter and temperatures colder, our skin needs extra care more than ever. The Celtic festival of Samhain is the beginning of the darkest period of the year but a powerful time to set new intentions or goals. Some, call this the “real” new year so embrace this darker period and use Continue reading »

Mushrooms – the secret to youthful skin!

One of my best tips for great skin and maintaining a healthy immune system is drinking a daily tonic of medicinal mushrooms. Mushrooms are part of the fungi kingdom and are more closely related to humans than to plants.   “The ability of mushroom polysaccharides to help restore healthy balance to the immune system, up-regulating immune responses in cases Continue reading »

Get dewy, glowing skin.

Truly caring for your skin can be a full time activity – eating the right foods, drinking enough water and also finding products that nourish and restore you. One of my favourite night time rituals is a Jade Gua Sha Tool. This tool promotes lymphatic drainage to reduce toxins, manipulates areas of tension to stimulate and regenerate cells and Continue reading »

Natural Beauty

Your true natural beauty can be revealed when you feel at peace with yourself. Your face will have an unmistakeable glow when your psyche and your energies are in true alignment. But sometimes we need help to get there. Our bodies are cleverly designed to tell us when we need to slow down, making us feel Continue reading »

Natural FaceLift

Natural Facelift The skin on our face is supported by an intricate network of delicate muscles. Each of us has a unique facial structure and facial muscles can enhance your features when they are working effectively. Sometimes, however they do not get enough exercise. The Natural Facelift is designed to gently manipulate and activate your face with flowing strokes Continue reading »

How going natural helps your skin.

  We’re discovering that what we put on our skin and into our bodies can have a profound impact on our health. It is quite logical really, but moving to more natural skincare and beauty products will limit exposure to certain chemicals that can cause irritation and imbalance. I am a big believer in being as natural as Continue reading »